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CAUTION: Recruitment scams targeting the oil and gas industry are on the rise. Fraudsters pretending to represent oil and gas companies are sending e-mails, letters and texts offering employment to prospective employees. Often these fraudulent positions are in a foreign country. These offers for employment often look legitimate and include a job description and salary/benefit details. Along with, or soon after, the fraudulent offer for employment is provided to the prospective employee, the fraudsters ask the prospective employee for payment for various items such as to obtain visas or to process immigration documents.

Please note that Contango Oil & Gas Company NEVER asks for payment to process documents, NEVER refers applicants to a third party to process applications or visas, and NEVER asks applicants to pay costs to apply for employment. Applicants should NEVER reply to an email that represents itself as coming from Contango Oil & Gas Company that does not end in

Questions regarding the legitimacy of a communication related to employment with Contango Oil & Gas Company can be sent to Please understand that the preceding email address is not an appropriate channel for submitting an application or resume for employment. All applications for employment with Contango Oil & Gas Company must be submitted via the company’s Careers page.